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Re: Intent to package japhar

> Well, we can patch lesstif to work w/ NS 5 and then add Japhar to it so
> we have Java again.  Sounds good to me.  Hope NS left the hooks for Java
> in.

Please, Japhar is in so early stages, it can hardly run *ANYTHING*, not to
mention GUI applications. Lesstif is also not up to the task yet.
Combining Motif-based NS with JDK linux port would be the best solution now,
IMO. Especially taking into account the possibility to have JAVA as a
plug-in to Netscape - Sun already released such a plug-in for win32 and 
Solaris platforms - works with both Netscape (3 and up) and IE (3.? and
up). In this case NS (Mozilla) can be in contrib and plug-in in non-free.

And *still* to have this - a lot of work should be done.

Alex Y.

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