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Re: Planning new virtual packages for hamm

Gregory S. Stark writes:
 > Yann Dirson <ydirson@a2points.com> writes:
 > > 	ss2, comerr2, e2p2, uuid1, ext2fs2
 > > 
 > > These packages will be referenced in e2fsprogs's shlibs file, in order
 > > to get deps right for depending packages.
 > > 
 > > If there are no problems with this, I'll upload a new e2fsprogs with
 > > these features on March 18th, approx 18:00 GMT.
 > Wait a minute. 
 > First of all, shouldn't those should really be named libss2, libcomerr2?

Yes.  I had dropped the "lib" prefix as redundant when they were real
packages.  It is no more the case.

These should really be:
 	libss2, libcomerr2, libe2p2, libuuid1, libext2fs2

 > Second, I think libss is only used by debugfs. If that were broken out into a
 > separate non-essential package then libss wouldn't be a problem, right?

Yes, but separating may have to wait for 2.1.  There are already quite
a number of changes to do inside frozen, and I feel we should keep
them to a minimum.  Brian ?

 > The reason i'm concerned is that these aren't the only versions of these
 > libraries and we may want to break them out of this source package some day. 
 > I guess that will be ok as long as the shlibs file refers to the virtual 
 > packages. 

That's exactly why I splitted.  But, as they originally were package
monolithically in an essential package, there are big problems when
splitting (namely, can't use Pre-Depends to ensure e2fsprogs won't
ever be broken because of one of the libs failing to unpack)

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