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Vmail [was: Re: Doublestandards: KDE bad, qmail good?]

In article <E0yEqxf-0001Ox-00@miriam.fuller.edu>,
Christoph Lameter <clameter@miriam.fuller.edu> wrote:
>: : Exim is particularly good for list traffic, as it can enqueue such
>: : traffic when it is injected by the list software and then at some
>: : later point send many messages to each host down a single SMTP
>: : session.
>: Yes, exim starts sending after qmail had delivered 90% of them ;-)
>Definitely exim will do what you told it to do. And I would not configure exim for
>queuing. Exim will deliver very fast.

Just FYI, there is another GPL'ed mailer under development which should
be faster and more secure than qmail and exim together (so the author
claims). It's called "VMailer" and is being developed by Wietse Venema.


(Wietse says vmail is three times faster than qmail)

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