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Re: programs by Dan Bernstein

Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@datasync.com> wrote:
>  I think that is a bad idea. Upgrades take long enough without having
>  packages do full builds in postinst. Also, if the build fails, it is
>  not easy to redo it (I know about /var/lib/dpkg/info)

Is this concept language dependent?  [What about emacs-lisp?
Also, I've seen some documented oriented postinstalls which
can take a rather long time.]

It probably is a good idea to offer to run the thing in the
background, or at some later time.

Also, qmail-src builds a regular debian package -- which can be
re-installed at will. However, I think it could be more graceful
(would be nice to be able to say, at -src postinst time: if build
goes successfully attempt to install the package without further

Also, it is a real pain to do this kind of thing when you're
in a hurry and have a small low-powered machine.  For these
kind of circumstances, local redistribution of the derived
package might be a good idea.


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