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Re: programs by Dan Bernstein

Hi Philip!

On Tuesday, March 10 1998, at 10:28:40, Philip Hands wrote:
: Roberto Lumbreras <rover@lander.es> wrote:
: > If nobody objects I'll start packaging ezmlm and serialmail. I
: > think Philip Hands <phil@hands.com> is working in tcpserver, so
: > I'll wait to hear from him.
: I've got a packaged up version of ezmlm that you can have a copy of if you 
: like, but since AFAIK it suffers from Dan's re-distibution policy it will need 
: to be kludged into an ezmlm-src package in the same way as qmail-src. (I can 
: explain the procedure for that too if you like).

I've already packaged it, and well, ezmlm_xx.orig.tar.gz size is
~60 KB, and ezmlm_xx.diff.gz ~300 KB! :)

: Have you had any better ideas about how we can handle this ?  or have you 
: (shock horror ;-) actually persuaded Dan to say something positive on the 
: subject ?

I hadn't tried it, Bruce said we should forget bothering him... and
I've read the threads about licensing in djb-qmail list and yes, it
is difficult to change Dan's mind...

: I really hate the idea of ending up with loads of *-src packages, so if anyone 
: has a better suggestion I'd like to hear it.

What I've done is package it as usual but upload only the source
package. I'm open to suggestions :)

: Cheers, Phil.

BTW: What about ucspi-tcp? Are you working in it? If not, I can
upload the private package I'm using with rbl support.

Roberto Lumbreras
rover@lander.es | rover@etsit.upm.es | rover@debian.org & pgp 143BE391
Lander Internet, Madrid-Spain-UE; http://www.lander.es

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