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Re: programs by Dan Bernstein

On Wednesday, March 11 1998, at 11:49:09, Philip Hands wrote:
: My (not particularly elegant) solution was to add a step to the end of the 
: package build that creates a package called qmail-src, which contains the 
: .orig,.diff and .dsc files under /usr/src/qmail-src, along with a script 
: /usr/bin/build-qmail.
: The idea is that a user installs qmail-src, runs qmail-build and ends up with 
: a qmail.deb, without needing to know anything about building packages in 
: general.


: They can then remove qmail-src, and install qmail.deb as a normal package on 
: as many systems as they please.

What about building automaticaly in postinst?
I'd like to see some policy about this...

: Unfortunately, you currently need to delete the qmail.deb line from the 
: changes file by hand before doing an upload, to prevent the binary package 
: seeing the light of day, but other than that it seems to work OK.

Don't worry, I do it by hand :)

: > BTW: What about ucspi-tcp? Are you working in it? If not, I can
: > upload the private package I'm using with rbl support.
: I have a package, but it needs the -src treatment.  I guess it would be best 
: for me to maintain ucspi-tcp, since its primary use will be in conjunction 
: with qmail, but I'd be interested to see your diffs.

Ok. You can get my diffs from ftp.lander.es:/debian/local/source/

: Do you think we should produce two packages, ucspi-tcp & ucspi-tcp-rbl so 
: people can have the vanilla version as well?  I was going to do this for 
: qmail, since you can put the rbl stuff in there for use under inetd.

The answer is easy (I think): tcpserver with RBL support adds two
new options:

       -s     (Default.)  Attempt to set BOUNCEMAIL using the  IP
              address     from     the    RBL    documented    at

       -S     Do not attempt to set BOUNCEMAIL

So I suggest to just include only the rbl-patched version. I first
thought that default should be -S, but tcpserver primary use is for
qmail-smtpd, and before you can run tcpserver you have to read its
small manpage... so I think the default option is ok.

Anybody disagrees?

: Cheers, Phil.

Roberto Lumbreras
rover@lander.es | rover@etsit.upm.es | rover@debian.org & pgp 143BE391
Lander Internet, Madrid-Spain-UE; http://www.lander.es

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