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Re: Strange file location with SSLeay

Martin Schulze writes:
>I've noticed that ssleay from non-US uses a subdirectory within
>/usr/bin to store it's programs.  This new path is not added to the
>users path so they won't be able to call the programs.  Is that
>Apart from that, is it needed to introduce that much links?  Wouldn't
>it be more convenient if I'd call ssleay with a parameter specifying
>the crypt routine to use?

I suggest that ssleay or a link to it should be in /usr/bin.  Is it
too much trouble to patch the program to add the parameter to the
command line?  People who wanted to use the original interface could
add the new subdirectory to their PATH (as with /usr/bin/mh).

                           - Jim Van Zandt

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