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Re: Strange file location with SSLeay

[You (Martin Schulze)]
>I've noticed that ssleay from non-US uses a subdirectory within
>/usr/bin to store it's programs.  This new path is not added to the
>users path so they won't be able to call the programs.  Is that

Making a subdir under /usr/bin/ is definately not a good thing.  I would 
submit an "important" bug against the package.

Maybe they should be in /usr/sbin?

>Apart from that, is it needed to introduce that much links?  Wouldn't
>it be more convenient if I'd call ssleay with a parameter specifying
>the crypt routine to use?

Yes, that sounds good but consistency in application behavior is an issue 
to.  You might formulate this and submit it a wishlist?

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