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Re: On new names for "Deity"


I see the problem.  Most people using this will be seeing a GUI of
some sort.  May I suggest that the new name for deity be

"administration/packaging tool" or "apt" for short.
[acronym not specifically intended but perhaps appropriate.]
This means that any distributions can use this: the phrase is 
generic so non-copyright.  Any manual for any software distribution
can refer to this directly e.g. "the administration/packaging tool
can be accessed by clicking on ..." and apropos "administration"
"packaging" or "tools" could give a pointer.

If you inadvertently close the icon/GUI, then perhaps typing "apt"
could reopen this.

This is fine for English: any localisation efforts can simply
translate the phrase into the appropriate language.  As for the
icon, I suggest a big red box with yellow ribbons or a brown paper
package tied up with string.

I'm currently learning Arabic, so see the problems for non-English
speakers / non-English script only too clearly.

Yes, I'm wasting time/bandwidth when I could be helping the project -
but I am a _very_ nervous neophyte and any package I take wouldn't 
be ready for prime time for months.


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