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Re: On new names for "Deity"

bruce@va.debian.org wrote:
> From: Behan Webster <behanw@verisim.com>
> > I suppose it doesn't count that I've read them.
> You are the Deity GUI designer. My message was not directed to you.
> I would expect you to read all Deity design documents. I feel it's
> a shame that more people are not helping out.

Sure.  I agree I should read them, and I did.  But you saying "nobody's
reading Jason's documents" makes it sound like even the Deity project
members haven't read them.  Strictly speaking, what you said was not

> > We also have somebody new who has proposed to add the code base from his
> > admin tool to deity.  That's a new programmer on board.
> _I_recruited_him_. He's from SEUL. He had not heard of Deity before I
> contacted him and asked him to read Jason's documents.

That I didn't know.  Let me be the first to thank you for this.

However, it troubles me that you got somebody to volunteer to program
for the project, and then can turn around and say "nobody's volunteering
to help with the programming".  This again seems like a deliberate
misrepresentation of the facts.  Somebody has volunteered.  You
convinced him to volunteer.

I find the way you are handling this situation is demotivating me.  As I
said.  You are not helping.  In my experience, if you push people too
hard (as you are doing) they will not do what you are requesting them to
do.  Lighten up already.

Had you simply said "Nobody outside of the Deity project has read the
design docs, and none of the existing developpers have joined the
project" then I would have agreed with you, and supported you.  What you
said I found rather inflamatory, and rather belittled the contributions
of the other members (not Jason) of the Deity project.

> > In this particular case you are becoming more of a hinderance than help.
> That's because you didn't know I recruited your programmer. You are not
> considering that I will be doing the inter-project relations concerning
> this tool. See my message to Dale regarding Caldera.

I suppose I didn't write that bit as well as I should have.  My

As I said above, (now that I know about it) I am grateful for your
inter-project relations.  As far as that is concerned my statement above
no longer is valid.  It seems you have helped in this way.  Thank you.

However, I meant the above statement to also apply to the aspect of
naming the product and motivating the team.  My email was a culmination
of frustration from the naming "battle", the complaint about people not
helping the Deity project, and my feeling that only Jason is being
credited with Deity (Jason is the major contributor, but there are
several others that should be credited as well.  And no, I am not just
looking for credit for myself.)  I did not adequately express these

I think as far as the naming of the Deity product is concerned, you have
made your opinions clear.  Please let us (the Deity team) handle it now.

As far as getting help for the project, you are clearly helping us find
new programmers.

As far as the Deity team is concerned, please choose what you say more
carefully. Deity is not solely a Jason Gunthorpe project.  Let us talk
of the project and not single out individual contributors as being
special.  That will only lessen the will for others to contribute.



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