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Re: On new names for "Deity"

From: Behan Webster <behanw@verisim.com>
> I suppose it doesn't count that I've read them.

You are the Deity GUI designer. My message was not directed to you.
I would expect you to read all Deity design documents. I feel it's
a shame that more people are not helping out.

> We also have somebody new who has proposed to add the code base from his
> admin tool to deity.  That's a new programmer on board.

_I_recruited_him_. He's from SEUL. He had not heard of Deity before I
contacted him and asked him to read Jason's documents.

> In this particular case you are becoming more of a hinderance than help.

That's because you didn't know I recruited your programmer. You are not
considering that I will be doing the inter-project relations concerning
this tool. See my message to Dale regarding Caldera.



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