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Re: Moonlight Creator

Marcelo E. Magallon wrote:
> Joey, did you get it to compile? I'm thinking of maintaining it (I have
> strong personal interest in the package) but first I want to get it
> working. The problem is I know zip about C++ and this is 90% C++... it
> chokes on ListFiles.h and it's a C++ problem I'm sure. I'll ask Stephan
> what he uses to compile this, but I think he wrote gcc on the web
> page.

I have it compiling. ListFiles.h is a libc6 fix, and pretty easy - just add
#include <sys/types.h>

I also have gltt packaged seperatly, which is needed by moonlight. I should
have both packages finished by tonight.
> I've subscribed to the MLC list, and already said that there are Debian
> developers thinking about packaging it. I'm waiting for Stephan to show up
> (Miguel de Icaza is there, and he said a GTK port is feasible)
> Iff I can get this working, and depending how huge it turns out to be
> (it's 200K lines of code) I'll be happy to maintain it, but don't sign me
> up yet, as I have to get sp working first.

Al right, it looks like both you and Ender Wigin <ewigin@SoftHome.net> are
interested. I'm willing to give it away to either, I just want to make sure
the work I've done isn't lost. (Especially the fixes I've made to get rid of
some files with bad copyrights.) How about I give it away to one of you in a
few days, sometime after I get version -1 out?

see shy jo

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