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Re: Possible new name for "deity"

>>"bruce" == bruce  <bruce@va.debian.org> writes:

bruce> Having hackers do marketing is like asking cats to swim.

	Well, unfortunately, this raises some hackles. Maybe I am over
 reacting; but I am trying to be honest with Y'all.

	The hackers are the one who create Debian. It is their blood
 and sweat and tears, if you will, that has produced this

	Now suddenly, seems to me we are disfranchised; and we are not
 good enough to decide what becomes of my work. Some marketing experts
 are being called in to decide what should be done with things we

	Umm, Yes. But i'm sure I am over reacting.

	Who exactly has decided that ``tha hackers'' should relinquish
 control? Do we want to be a microsoft clone (seems to me, that
 redmond company is at the zenith of the art of marketing).

	Yea, I must be over reacting. Pay no attention to me.

bruce> A group of respected people who could work from experience in
bruce> sales and marketing would be better than just having me do it.

	I have a few freinds over in the dark side, who work for
 microsoft. Should I send feeler to them about whether they are
 willing to lend the free software community their marketing

	Yes, I guess I am over reacting.

 who thinks this whole thread lacks tact, from most participants,
 including him, but is too angry to care
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