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Re: Debian Retail Package design contest

bruce@pixar.com (Bruce Perens) writes:

> Entries should be designed for CMYK printing with bleed. They should
> make use of the Debian logo (see www.debian.org), and the words "GNU/Linux"
> should appear on the front of the box in large type. A screen shot from an
> actual Debian system should appear, probably on the back cover, and
> should illustrate some of the capabilities and power of the system. Text
> on hardware and user requirements and the power of the system should appear.
> We would provide material for this. Entries should include art for all of the
> components listed above.

Where is the logo anyways?  The one on the main web page is useless
(i.e. a really low quality jpeg version).  Can somebody put a pointer
to a .png or .tiff version on the web page?  (I know you don't want to
use LZW.)


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