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Re: It's now DFSG compliant? I think yes but...

On Tue, Mar 03, 1998 at 05:25:16PM +0100, Federico Di Gregorio wrote:

> -----Forwarded message from Norman Ramsey <nr@cs.virginia.edu>-----
> Date: Mon, 02 Mar 1998 14:09:08 -0500
> From: Norman Ramsey <nr@cs.virginia.edu>
> I have modified the noweb license to address your two ojections.
> Let me know if this will do the job.
> Noweb is copyright 1989-1998 by Norman Ramsey.  All rights reserved.
> Noweb is protected by copyright.  It is not public-domain
> software or shareware, and it is not protected by a ``copyleft''
> agreement like the one used by the Free Software Foundation.
> Noweb is available free for any use in any field of endeavor.  You may
> redistribute noweb in whole or in part provided you acknowledge its
> source and include this COPYRIGHT file.  You may modify noweb and
> create derived works, provided you retain this copyright notice, but
> the result may not be called noweb without my written consent.  

This makes it imposssible for us to distributed a patched version
of noweb.  Non-DFSG afaik.



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