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Re: Something is very wrong with this group

Richard Kaszeta <kaszeta@me.umn.edu> writes:

> Avery Pennarun writes ("Re: Something is very wrong with this group"):
> >Microsoft doesn't use creative names for its programs, hacker-friendly or
> >otherwise.  It releases programs like Microsoft Word, Windows, Project,
> >and Office.  When I want to install a program, I run Windows Setup.  And so
> >on.
> Ehh?  I don't buy this at all.  Tell me what "Excel", "Powerpoint",
> "Access", and "Outlook" do, just from the names.

Excel must be an excelent program used for anything,
PowerPoint must be a better mousedriver or a pointer device,
Access gives you access to data, so it must be a hackers tool
and Outlook lets you look out of windows and see the rest of the

Microsoft has such a big market taht nowadays they could call a
program foo and people would, after a short time, say that its a
desciptive name. If you used foo for some time, the name will become

Microsoft started with DOS for Computer scientist, then came 
Windows for everyone. That was pretty descriptive, so people would
accept it. Nowadays, M$ doesnt have to care too much about nameing,
because too many people hear, read, write or use it anyway.

> On most platforms, the majority of names are not intuitive.  While I
> agree that Unix names aren't near the top of the list for being
> intuitively named, it's certainly not the worst OS, either.

unix names are short and powerfull. Often ist just the vocals left out
(move, copy) or the first letters of the name (cat, man ). When one
knows what he wants, he can easily find the right command for it by
trying. I allways liked that, it makes it easy to remember stuff. One
can say move as fast as one types mv, when explaining what one
does. Thats another nice thing.

Don't be to hard to the unix names, they mostly make sense.

May the Source be with you.

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