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Unix names vs. 'Excel', 'Powerpoint', etc.

On Mon, 2 Mar 1998, Richard Kaszeta wrote:

> Ehh?  I don't buy this at all.  Tell me what "Excel", "Powerpoint",
> "Access", and "Outlook" do, just from the names.

	These names are hideous.  They are one word poems on the problems
with American culture and society. ('Banal', 'Mediocre', 'Tasteless
worship of Money and Power (and concommitant lame attempt at expressing
taste) ', are some other words to describe it.) 

Aren't names for software like other proper names ?  If the word has no
obvious meaning, the origin becomes obscured and  eventually the public
only associates them with the software that they represent. 
	I agree that you can make better or worse choices from the point
of view of marketing. 'Perl' and 'Python' are nice.  'Gimp' is probably
not a great choice.  Unix folks should pay more attention to this. 
        But if taking advice from professional marketers means getting the
lack of spirit and vision exemplified by the names of 'major business
software', I'd rather take my chances with a bunch of hackers.

G John Lapeyre <lapeyre@physics.arizona.edu>
Tucson,AZ     http://www.physics.arizona.edu/~lapeyre

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