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Re: Something is very wrong with this group

>>"bruce" == bruce  <bruce@va.debian.org> writes:

bruce> Can you encompass the idea that someone might want to just
bruce> process words and doesn't have the slightest interest in
bruce> learning about the computer, and that such a someone might be a
bruce> worthwhile user?

	Really? I have this concept of tools versus appliances. A
 refrigerator is an appliance: I have an expectation of walking into
 almost any part of the world and being able to use an refrigerator
 with no reference t manuals.

	A Loggers Axe is a tool. Use it wrong, it can bounce off the
 tree and chop your foot off. It has a learning curve, and one can
 hone ones skill at it through practice and instruction.

	Appliances do one thing, and do it simply (early VCRs were a
 staple of stand up comics since they were expected to be applicances,
 but were complex enough to require reading the manual page; hence the
 blinking 12:00). 

	Tools are more flexible, and with the flexibility comes the
 need for learning to operate it.

	Microsoft would have us believe that computers are limited,
 simple, applicances.

	I, and a lot of folks in Debian, believe that computers are
 marvelous, ungfettered, tools with which one may work wonders, if
 only one is willing to learn.

	We are aimed at different markets.


bruce> We are getting close to having the software necessary to
bruce> accomodate such a person. We are putting up paid support so you
bruce> can feel better about answering what you think are stupid
bruce> questions. We don't have to cater exclusively to wizards or
bruce> even the particularly smart.

	Personally,  would not do it. I would rather cater to the
 young, the curious, the ones who are not afraid of a learning
 curve. If we can handle both sets, fine. But my priorities lie with
 the traditional set of people who have used UNIX in the past.

	Not with people so hide bound in superstition that chmod 666
 send them writhing and fainitng in coils cause the devil is upon

	Despite what one may think, Debian is still the product of
 people who produce this. Make debian something the developers think
 distasteful, you shall have no developers, just market savvy ad

	Which almost describes microsoft.

	Is that where you want to go today?


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 it.  Any ideas?  (I take it that it may be a two-pass sort of
 solution). In the first pass, install perl. :-) Larry Wall
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