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Re: Something is very wrong with this group

On 2 Mar 1998, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> Appliances do one thing, and do it simply (early VCRs were a staple of
> stand up comics since they were expected to be applicances, but were
> complex enough to require reading the manual page; hence the blinking
> 12:00).

the problem here, as you imply, is NOT that VCRs are too complicated.

The source of the problem is that they were marketed as appliances when
they were really tools. i.e. it was a problem *caused* by inappropriate
(deceptive!) marketing.

> Tools are more flexible, and with the flexibility comes the need for
> learning to operate it.
> Microsoft would have us believe that computers are limited, simple,
> applicances.
> I, and a lot of folks in Debian, believe that computers are marvelous,
> ungfettered, tools with which one may work wonders, if only one is
> willing to learn.

this is what i have been trying to argue but you have put it so much
better than i did.

i.e. i agree 100% with what you are saying about tools and appliances. a
computer is NOT an appliance, and probably never will be. some functions
of a computer may (will!) become more appliance like, but the computer
system as a whole remains a tool.

hmmm...."unfettered" is a good word.  "Unfettered Software" as an
antonym for "Proprietary Software"

>  We are aimed at different markets.


> Despite what one may think, Debian is still the product of people who
> produce this. Make debian something the developers think distasteful,
> you shall have no developers, just market savvy ad people.

yes. alienating the developers would be a bad idea.


craig sanders

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