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Re: Something is very wrong with this group


	I have refrained from this debate so far, since I do not think
 my input was really required, and, after all, I did not write the
 darn thing.. However, this has been moving in directions I find
 ... distasteful,  and it is being pushed by people who again did not
 write the darned thing.

>>"bruce" == bruce  <bruce@va.debian.org> writes:

>> But if you are going to be picky about user-friendly names, "Trove"
>> isn't it.

bruce> Point conceded. However, in this case I expect most people
bruce> would point-n-click to get to it. Do you know the executable
bruce> names of your Microsoft applications? If so, do you often type
bruce> them??

	So, Trove is going to be a Microsoft product, or run on MS
 platforms? If that is the case, I have no objections to it; it seems
 typical MS'ism.

	If not, I fail to see the relevance of that statement. On my
 UNIX boxes, I do know the names of software I use regularily, and I
 generally do type it manually. I personally do not like the
 connotation I percieve of pirates treasures, and people dying on the
 high seas (murder and rapine are equally as unpleasant as Deities [I
 like Deities -- some more than others, it is true]).

	I do not think it is a wise move to alienate our traditional
 user group in (pardon me) a slavish imitation of techniques
 that has made microsoft what it is.

 who would let Culus decide what to call his baby
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