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Re: Something is very wrong with this group

bruce@va.debian.org writes:

> Can you encompass the idea that someone might want to just process
> words and doesn't have the slightest interest in learning about the
> computer, and that such a someone might be a worthwhile user?

Who said they weren't?

> We are putting up paid support so you can feel better about
> answering what you think are stupid questions.

When did he say that?

> We don't have to cater exclusively to wizards or even the
> particularly smart.

I think you're going overboard here, Bruce.  No one that I've heard
has been advocating the reverse at the moment.

OTOH, there are limits.  People *can* come up with stupid demands.
Which demands are stupid is something we'll have to decide together.

Rob Browning <rlb@cs.utexas.edu>
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