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Re: Offer to take over packages saytime and wenglish

In message <19980220215540.62668@flora>,
Marcus Brinkmann writes:
>On Fri, Feb 20, 1998 at 12:12:19PM -0800, Joey Hess wrote:
>> Charles Briscoe-Smith wrote:
>> > As an aside, I can't work out the copyright implications of, for example,
>> > running Word Perfect's spell checker over the wenglish word list.
>> > I'd guess if I did that, the resulting list (even if it were the same
>> > as the original) would be a derived work of Word Perfect's dictionary?
>> > Can anyone confirm whether that's the case?
>> If that were true, it follows that if you run word perfect's spell checker
>> over your novel, then the novel is copyrighted by wordperfect. Absurd, so I
>> doubt it. :-)
>But they *may* set restrictings in the license for dictionaries or at least
>commercial evalutation of those dictionaries. I don't know if they could
>stand the court with such restrictions, but better to check it...

Hmm.  I was thinking more that it would amount to indirect copying, not
that the licence contained restrictions...  In any case, since there's
doubt here, I will refrain from doing this.  This also saves me having
to go and find a Windozey machine with WP installed...!

Thanks for your help!  An updated wenglish package will be coming your
way shortly...

Charles Briscoe-Smith
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