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Re: What is ".syncfs-deleted"

In article <19980223175330.13049@masca> Luis Francisco Gonzalez wrote:
>I have just noticed this directory in my local mirror 
>What is it?

Depends what your local mirror is.  I notice you're in the UK, so are
you using the mirror at unix.hensa.ac.uk, or are you using a proxy cache
downstream of unix.hensa?

If so, I think it's a 'feature' of unix.hensa's FTP mirroring/caching
system.  My -guess- is that, when the FTP cache checks a directory on
the original site (ftp.debian.org), it then moves any files which have
disappeared since the last mirror run into .syncfs-deleted/.  (This might
be wrong; I ought to actually ask the Hensa admins about it sometime...)

If not, I've no idea what the .syncfs-deleted is.

Charles Briscoe-Smith
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