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Re: Possible new name for "deity"

On Thu, 26 Feb 1998, Brandon Mitchell wrote:

> On Thu, 26 Feb 1998, Dale Scheetz wrote:
> > Well, I first thought of UPM (Universal Package Manager) but it fails your
> > #1 criterion of at least 4 letters ...
> > > 3) not specific to a particular type of package
> I'm not sure if the meaning was changed in this.  The intension is to
> stress that deity is not just a package manager.  The ui specs that I saw
> lead me to believe that it also will manage user, groups, ... and whatever
> a package wants to add to the list (network config, apache config, ...).
> So, we are back to the point that it needs to be a sysadmin tool.  Going
> with the recursive definition, we could have ?npm for "?npm is not a
> package manager" (the question being what we want the first letter to be).
I see all the things you mentioned as part of "package management".
Every one of the config files and associated data repositories are "owned"
by a particular package (this is true in some limited sense with any
packaging system, not just .deb). I'm not sure what the advatage is in
trying to seperate the administrative details of package management from
the functionality that installs and removes various packages. They are
interwoven in principle. It could be argued that the only thing wrong with
our current package management system is that it doesn't make the
administrative details as easy to manage as it does the installation and
removal of those packages. I hope it was for these reasons that Deity took
on the additional responsibility for helping the sysadmin do his job, by
providing a common interface to the configuration side of package


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