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Re: Possible new name for "deity"

How about "Adam"? I personally don't know of any other tool that uses this 
name, but it does seem an fairly obvious name for a sysadm tool. I believe it 
meets all of the criteria:

1) the name needs to be a good length (4-8 chars, 2 or 3 is too short)

   exactly 4

2) not specific to a particular distribution or type of package

    I don't see anything Debian specific about it or otherwise.

3) intuitive and memorable

   Hmm... well if you have any sort of unix background, it's at least slightly
   intuitive - "adm" pronounced "adam". Memorable? It's no harder than 
   learning somebody's name...

Carrying on in good GNU tradition, I do think a recursive acronym would be a 
lovely touch. After devoting a whopping 5 seconds of brain cycles to this I 
came up with: Adam Does All Management. Not particularly exciting, but maybe 
it will seed some more creative ideas.

You can also add your own biblical connotations if you're so inclined, but I 
don't see how anyone could consider "Adam" overtly religious (and therefore 

My 2 cents...


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