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Re: Possible new name for "deity"

On Thu, 26 Feb 1998, Dale Scheetz wrote:

> Well, I first thought of UPM (Universal Package Manager) but it fails your
> #1 criterion of at least 4 letters ...

> > 3) not specific to a particular type of package

I'm not sure if the meaning was changed in this.  The intension is to
stress that deity is not just a package manager.  The ui specs that I saw
lead me to believe that it also will manage user, groups, ... and whatever
a package wants to add to the list (network config, apache config, ...).
So, we are back to the point that it needs to be a sysadmin tool.  Going
with the recursive definition, we could have ?npm for "?npm is not a
package manager" (the question being what we want the first letter to be).


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