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Re: Possible new name for "deity"

Brandon Mitchell wrote:
> On Thu, 26 Feb 1998, Dale Scheetz wrote:
> > Well, I first thought of UPM (Universal Package Manager) but it fails your
> > #1 criterion of at least 4 letters ...
> > > 3) not specific to a particular type of package
> I'm not sure if the meaning was changed in this.  The intension is to
> stress that deity is not just a package manager.  The ui specs that I saw
> lead me to believe that it also will manage user, groups, ... and whatever
> a package wants to add to the list (network config, apache config, ...).
> So, we are back to the point that it needs to be a sysadmin tool.  Going
> with the recursive definition, we could have ?npm for "?npm is not a
> package manager" (the question being what we want the first letter to be).

As I pressed "Send" I thought, perhaps I should have mentioned that I
had slightly modified the list from which you originally had written.  I
was trying to clarify, and it looks like I ended up changing your
meaning.  8)

Yes, what you say is true.  We want this tool to do more than just
administer packages.  One of the necessities of the future deity plans
is that packages must ask questions up front that would have
traditionally have been done in the postinst.  Since Deity will
ultimately allow the installation of packages on multiple computers at
once a configuration script must be run first on the local machine and
then the result from that sonfig screen distributed to the machines on
which the package is being installed.  The idea is that this same
mechanism could be used to offer reconfiguration of the already
installed package.

So yes, hopefully in the future, deity will be both an admin tool and a
package manager.  It's looking right now that this feature may not make
it into the first version of deity.  8(

I suppose I should redress this mistake.  Hopefully the following lists
will be a bit better.  I have split the list into requirements, and
suggestions, because I don't think the item in the suggestion list is
necessarily a requirement, it is just a Good Thing.  The reason for this
is that a "package manager" manages packages, and I don't think
"managing" is necessarily restricted to installing/removing packages.  I
think that it can be argued that configuring packages also fits under
this description.

1) the name needs to be a good length (4-8 chars, 2 or 3 is too short)
2) not specific to a particular distribution or type of package
3) intuitive and memorable

1) not necessarily say that it only installs packages

The deity names should follow the above criteria.

Thanks Brandon.


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