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Re: Possible new name for "deity"

Damn it all, I liked deity.

Good then, and good now.

DEITY.  Because you've always wanted to play God.

"Deity" is NOT a name that`s going to offend a significant number of
people.  If C3P0 can talk about being mistaken for a god and "Return of the
Jedi" can still be regarded as good entertainment for kids, then we can
call a piece of package-maintenance software "deity".

Deity, deity, deity.  It starts with the letter D, just like our current
packaging front- and back-ends.  It's a good name.

I particularly find this fear of offense-generation suspicious in light of
the fact that we have an editor called Jove, "that's blasphemy, by Jove",
and, for Christ's sake, a security program called SATAN.

Deity is just fine and should be left alone.  No one has yet come up with a
better name.  There's not yet one with cool overtones and a similarity to
the name of our distribution that's as good as deity.

We did it right the first time.  Let's leave it alone.

I thought about referencing a legendary faux-USENET group regarding the
skull of Jesus in this post, but thought better of it.

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