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Re: RFD : libg++/gcc/egcs upgrades needed for libc6 (READ ME)

James Troup <J.J.Troup@scm.brad.ac.uk> writes:
> [1] Non-i386 architectures can and will use their own compiler
>     (e.g. everyone but m68k already is IIRC).

Well, the alpha's been using a patched the patches are
integrateable into the mainline sources, although this hasn't yet been
done.  I think there's a big bug report in the system with the

> [3] Though for m68k, 2.8 probably makes more sense, it doesn't have
>     the same problems as i386 with regards to kernel compilation, and
>     has more (m68k) development weight behind it than egcs.

Unfortunately, egcs has more development weight than gcc for *all of
our other* architectures, sparc, alpha, i386 and powerpc.  Also, I
have gotten things to compile with egcs that simply do not compile
with gcc- on alpha.  Of course, emacs20 didn't compile with
egcs, so there's obviously some tradeoffs.

I guess my feelings are this:

We don't have a libg++ for anything but, and since we have at
least one Debian system-specific tool (menu) that uses it, it would
look bad to move away from that compiler.

Once there's a libg++, and once egcs-1.0.2, which is supposed to be
c++ compatible with 2.8.X, then architectures should be easily able to


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