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Re: RFD : libg++/gcc/egcs upgrades needed for libc6

Dale Scheetz wrote:

> I just recieved the following from "upstream". It appears that an upgrade
> to gcc_2.8.0 and a switch from libg++_2.7.2.8 to libstdc++_2.8 will
> resolve some of the problems currently related to libc6.
> I would really like to hear back from the maintainers of gcc and libg++ on
> the possibilities of making this move. The faster we get there the quicker
> packages can recompile their bugs away ;-)

Forced to choose...I'd say throw caution to the wind and make egcs our standard compiler.  I've used
it for just about everything (except my kernel) with great success, and have heard enough bad things
about 2.8.0 to make me suspicious of using it.

I'll try to pick up the 1.0.1 source again tomorrow, and package it.  It's _so_ nice to have disk
space again.

Does anyone else have anything to say about this?


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