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Re: RFD : libg++/gcc/egcs upgrades needed for libc6 (READ ME)

mdorman@debian.org wrote:

> We don't have a libg++ for anything but, and since we have at
> least one Debian system-specific tool (menu) that uses it, it would
> look bad to move away from that compiler.

I do hope to remove the libg++ dependancy of menu shortly.

Also, for the reader, I'd like to say here that in menu I very
frequently did things like

-   main(){a; b; c;}
+   void foo(){a;b;} main(){foo();c;}

(I.e., just remove "a;b;" and replace them for a function call,
because gcc 2.7.x would not compile the former, but would
compile the latter (a, b, c in this respect naturally refer
to catches and other exception stuff).

Basically, repeated that stuff just as long untill gcc 2.7.x
would compile menu -- not exactly ideal. It also explains why
gcc- is able to compile menu :(.

As soon as we've got a working c++ compiler in Debian, I plan
to use that one (and I'm sure 2.7 will not compile menu after that).

joost witteveen, joostje@debian.org

The upstream maintainer is allowed to do things different 
than Debian, but only if he has good reasons to do so.

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