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Re: ps -aux Vs ps aux

On Feb 23, csmall@scooter.o.i.net wrote:
> So we have a problem here.  I have forwarded a bug complaining about this
> to the upstream guys to get their comments, but what should Debian do?
> On the one hand, we have the standard Unix practice, on the other we have
> the standard procps behavour.
> If we decide to revert to standard Unix bahavour, what do we do about these 
> upcoming Unix98 options?

I believe the Unix98 options are a superset of the SysV-style options, which
would be covered under your (2) above (now removed).

Basically, what this means is that 'ps -[opts]' will act like a SysV ps
does (with any Unix98 extensions), and 'ps [opts]' will act like a BSD ps

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