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Re: Kernel compilation

On Thu, 19 Feb 1998, Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> Previously Roman Hodek wrote:
> > > [ The issue here would be then whether /lib/modules is hardwired in
> > > the kernel Makefile or it is possible to use an alternate directory
> > > for that ].
> > 
> > Unfortunately it's hardwired :-( There's only a shell variable
> > $MODLIB, but you can't override that from the command line. A solution
> > could be patching the Makefile, like
> I guess I missed something here. Can someone recap why he/she wants
> /lib/modules moved around? As modutils maintainer it would be nice
> to know, since it's hardcoded in there too.

As I understood this discussion, the idea is not to move /lib/modules in
the installed systems, but to find a why to tell the kernel's Makefile to
install modules into `debian/tmp/lib/modules' during execution of 

If this is really the only reason for running make-kpkg as root, we should
patch the kernel makefiles. Perhaps it would be sufficient, to replace
/lib/modules by $PREFIX/lib/modules or something similar.



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