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Re: Problems with ldconfig-info

On Tue, 17 Feb 1998, Gregor Hoffleit wrote:

> Hi,
> for me, lintian-0.2.1 fails to process some of the python-1.5 packages  
> due to an fatal error "bad ldconfig-info file".
> python builds some shared modules like gdbmmodule.so that are linked with  
> something like "gcc -shared -o gdbmmodule.so -lgdbm gdbmmodule.o". Now  
> "ldconfig -l -D gdbmmodule.so" tells me that this is no shared library,  
> and therefore ldconfig-info is garbled and checks/shared-libs exits with  
> the fatal error. The same happens e.g. for the autofs packages.

First of all, there is a known bug in ldconfig which makes it produce
different output if you specify the lib with a path or not. E.g.,

$ /sbin/ldconfig -l -D ld-linux.so.1
/sbin/ldconfig: version 1.9.6
        ld-linux.so.1 => ld-linux.so.1 (SKIPPED)
$ /sbin/ldconfig -l -D ./ld-linux.so.1
/sbin/ldconfig: version 1.9.6
        ld-linux.so.1 => ld-linux.so.1

(Lintian always specifies the path to work around this problem.)

> a) is this indeed an error according to policy and how should I fix it ?

For the old python-base 1.4 package, for example:

$ cat ldconfig-info
/sbin/ldconfig: version 1.9.6
/sbin/ldconfig: usr/lib/python1.4/sharedmodules/arraymodule.so is not a
shared library

I'm still unsure how to interpret this message. Is this intended to be a
shared libary? And what does the message mean actually (i.e., can the lib
be used for dynamical linking)? 

Any comments from the ldconfig experts are appreciated!

> b) I guess the fatal error is a bug in lintian.

Right. I've already change lintian behaviour to not abort completely, but
to skip the package. I'll improve this even more if I know what the
message exactly means.

> c) there's a small typo in collection/ldconfig-info: line 9 refers to  
> file-info instead of ldconfig-info

Thanks for telling me! 



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