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Re: lintian thinks I am the maintainer of libc6!

On Tue, 17 Feb 1998, Juan Cespedes wrote:

> 	Hi.  `lintian' reports the bugs from libc6 as belonging to the
> source package `glibc-sparc'.  However, the source package used to
> generate libc6_*_i386.deb is `glibc'.
> 	That is, all the bugs appear on my page (I am the maintainer
> of glibc-sparc) and not on Dale's (the glibc maintainer).

Both packages produce the same binary packages, so this is really tough.
Especially, since glibc-sparc is also tagged `Architecture: any'. I'll see
what I can do to prevent this...

Oh, I found an easy solution: Just fix all bugs against these packages and
the package will not show up in the reports again :) 

> 	BTW, there are several lintian bugs on libc6 I would like to
> comment here:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>   W: libc6: obsolete-shlib-entry-in-control-file /lib/ld-linux
>      The shlibs control file contains an entry for a shared library,
>      which is not installed by this package.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> 	But `/lib/ld-linux.so.2' is installed by libc6.

The reason for this is that the shlibs file lists the library with path:

/lib/ld-linux   2       libc6
ld-linux        2       libc6

If this is a special case for ld-linux, I'll add an override. (Please tell
me about this.)

>   E: libc6: shlib-with-executable-bit lib/ld-2.0.6.so 0755
> 	I think we should let this `library' have the executable bit
> set.  Sometimes it's very useful to execute it in order to run some
> program... I think it's even necessary for `ldd' to work properly.
>   E: libc6: shlib-with-executable-bit lib/libc-2.0.6.so 0755
> 	When someone executes it, it displays a nice (and useful)
> banner.  I think we should leave it that way.

(Oh, the banners are nice! :) Ok, since both libs don't dump core when
being executed, I think it's ok if these are tagged executable. I'll add

>   W: libc6: shlib-without-dependency-information lib/ld-2.0.6.so
> 	But it must be statically linked.




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