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Re: SCSI Controllers

On Sun, 9 Feb 1997, Mike Shafer wrote:

> I am looking to get a SCSI card that will work with various drives and
> other periphs.  I know nothing about using SCSI interfaces.  Is the
> ULTRASTOR a good choice?  Is it necessary to buy the interface to match
> or be compatible with the equipment that is to be interfaced or will the
> SCSI work with most any kind of SCSI device?

The beauty of SCSI is that it is a "standard". So, if the device meets the
standard to the same extent (or less) than the controler then they will
work together.

I ran a Philips CDD522 on an adaptech controler for about two years before
it died. I replaced it, in kind, and managed to have the second one die
and take the drive with it (at this point I had moved up to a CDD200).

At this point I had heard good things about Buss Logic and decided to go
that way instead. I am currently very happy with my BT-948 PCI controler.
It has better error recovery and knows how to boot a CD!

I would highly recommend Buss Logic to anyone needing a SCSI interface.


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