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Re: SCSI Controllers

In article <Pine.LNX.3.96.980210105548.28828C-100000@dwarf.polaris.net> you write:
>At this point I had heard good things about Buss Logic and decided to go
>that way instead. I am currently very happy with my BT-948 PCI controler.
>It has better error recovery and knows how to boot a CD!
>I would highly recommend Buss Logic to anyone needing a SCSI interface.

BusLogic is nice, but they're a bit pricy.  If all you need is a cheap
controller for old drive, CD-ROMs, scanners, and so on, the Symbios
SYM20810 is a nice choice.  It uses the Symbios Logic 53c810a, which
has been supported under Linux for ages.  It's only a fast-10/narrow
controller, so you don't want to hang a Cheetah off it or anything,
but it's cheap -- you can get it from www.insight-electronics.com for
$28.75, plus shipping.  I just received two cards, and they look well
constructed, with a keyed internal 50-pin connector and an external
high-density SCSI-2 connector.

One thing to watch, though -- they don't have a BIOS, so you can't
boot off them, unless your system's BIOS includes NCR/Symbios SCSI
support, like a lot of ASUS boards

Symbios also makes Ultra and Ultra2 cards and a very nice-looking dual
channel Ultra controller.


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