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Re: New Package: bo-upgrade 0.1 (source all)

On Sat, 7 Feb 1998, Christoph Lameter wrote:

> Package: bo-upgrade

this package is unnecessary and IMO quite dangerous.

> Version: 0.1

the current version of the autoup.sh script is 0.19. if your package
version number is based on the script version then 0.1 is ancient.

> Architecture: all
> Installed-Size: 24
> Maintainer: Christoph Lameter <clameter@debian.org>
> Description: Upgrade from bo to hamm

>  This package might be dangerous for your system! Backup first and
>  read the following instructions:
>  .
>  This package will upgrade an existing bo (Debian 1.3.X) system to
>  a glibc based hamm (Debian 2.0) system. For that purpose around 7
>  Megabytes worth of .deb packages must either be transferred to the
>  system or be already present on the system. Make sure that you have
>  at least 30MB free if you intend to install this package.

by the time someone reads this message in the dselect screen it is
probably already too late.

this script should be completely outside the package system, and should
not be packaged.

>  Attention: Please install this package with "dpkg -i
>  bo-upgrade*.deb". DO NOT install this package using dselect unless
>  you are absolutely sure what you are doing.


>  On installation this package will make sure that all the .deb
>  packages you need for an upgrade are present on the system. If that
>  is the case then it will start a background job and dpkg will return
>  to the Linux prompt.
>  .
>  The background job will notice when dpkg has finished and perform the
>  upgrade. At the end of the upgrade utmp and wtmp will be cleared,
>  the bo-upgrade package will be purged and then the system will
>  reboot. After the reboot you should be able to use dselect to install
>  other Debian 2.0 packages possibly doing a complete upgrade.

automatically rebooting is a bad idea. partly because a package should
NEVER do that (at most it should advise the sysadmin that it should
be done) and partly because it is premature.  I have found it is MUCH
better to run the autoup script, then run dselect to finish the upgrade,
and THEN reboot.

package-initiated reboots are EVIL.


craig sanders

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