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Re: Intent to package bo-upgrade (autoup.sh)

On Sun, 8 Feb 1998, Craig Sanders wrote:

> On Sat, 7 Feb 1998, Christoph Lameter wrote:
> > I intend to create a new package bo-upgrade which is based on StormCrows
> > autoup.sh script. It can be installed on a bo system and will upgrade the
> > system so that dselect can do the rest of the update.
> uh, actually it's my script, not scott's. and a lot of other people have
> contributed to it too.

I copied the credits.

> i think that making a package of it is a BAD idea because it is too prone to
> failure, especially user error.

AFAIK having a user(!) run a script is too prone to user error. The
package simplifies things.

> hopefully, the dselect wrapper (for selecting pre-defined install
> sets) will be written before hamm is released, so it could be either
> incorporated into the wrapper pipeline there or merged into the wrapper
> itself.

Re: dpkg: Most hopes of improvements have evaporated since years.
Its unrealistic to expect that for hamm.

> > 2. When dpkg has finished processing the waiting background job does the
> > upgrade of all necessary packages in the correct order.
> this is precisely why it shouldn't be a package.  it should be run BEFORE
> the dselect stage of the hamm upgrade.

Its designed to run before the dselect stage.

> this would also leave a useless package (autoup or bo-upgrade or whatever
> you call it) in the status file.  it's a use-once and throw away utility -
> it shouldn't clutter up /var/lib/dpkg. 

It does not clutter the status file.

> of course, the script IS public domain so you can do whatever you like
> with it.  I'm against the idea of turning it into a package.

IMHO: Another surfacing of the I-hate-things-being-simple problem of the
many developers. The most obvious things are not done. We still have no
preselectable sets of packages to be installed that would enable a
bypassing of dselect for beginners. A catastrophe.

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