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Re: splitting experimental by arch?

On  5 Feb, Carey Evans wrote:
> john@dhh.gt.org writes:
>> manoj writes:
>> > Developers are supposed to be (nay, required to be) running the so called
>> > unstable distribution.
>> I was unaware of this.  How do I get unstable on CD so that I install it?
> Get someone you know with a fast Internet connection and a CD-ROM
> burner to download everything and burn it to disk.  Family members
> work well.
> *grin*
> (It would help if you let them know that downloading base/* on Friday
> and the rest on Monday doesn't work quite right.  :-/ )
> Seriously, does anyone sell a copy of the unstable?

I can download it from the University and burn a copy, but I live in
Italy... that won't help you much...
BTW, how big is hamm/i386 binary at now?

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