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Re: Quake II for Debian!

Tommi Virtanen <tv-nospam-this-address-is-ok-just-reply@hq.yok.utu.fi> writes:

| 	Now when will XFree support my Logitech Pilot Mouse+ with the rolling
| 	mouse-thingy? There are some nice uses for it (zoom, and when kept
| 	down changing weapons..)

Check out -> http://www.inria.fr/koala/colas/mouse-wheel-scroll/

I guess this doesn't actually belong to debian-devel :), but I'm
cc'ing this anyway, as some package developers might be
interested to provide some sort of support for these new
mice (or contact the authors of the software in those packages
for adding such support).

Disclaimer: I don't own such mouse and I haven't tried the stuff
behind the link above so it may be completely useless or god
knows what.


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