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Re: dpkg-genchanges failing - why?

>>"Oliver" == Oliver Elphick <olly@lfix.co.uk> writes:

Oliver> In the end I managed to decipher the Perl script.  The problem
Oliver> was because I had numbered the new version 1.3_0.82-1.

	And promptly violated policy, I think. Well, if not policy,
 then the packaging manual, which should be considered authoritative
 in these kind of cases.

  The version number format is:

          This is the main part of the version. It is usually version
          number of the original (`upstream') package of which the .deb
          file has been made, if this is applicable. Usually this will be
          in the same format as that specified by the upstream author(s);
          however, it may need to be reformatted to fit into dpkg's
          format and comparison scheme.

          The comparison behaviour of dpkg with respect to the
          upstream-version is described below. The upstream-version
          portion of the version number is mandatory.

          The upstream-version may contain only alphanumerics and the
          characters + . - : (full stop, plus, hyphen, colon) and should
          start with a digit. If there is no debian-revision then hyphens
          are not allowed; if there is no epoch then colons are not

	The underscore is illegal. 

Oliver> The matching inside dpkg-genchanges did not accept this as a
Oliver> normal package (? - I don't really understand what's going on
Oliver> inside there).

	You really should read the packaging manual then.

Oliver> Not an entirely satisfactory solution, but good enough I
Oliver> suppose.

	On the contrary, it is eminently satisfactory solution. Please
 read the rest of the chapter on Debian package versions carefully.


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