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Re: Lobby this, somebody

> Noel Maddy <ncm@biostat.hfh.edu> wrote:
> > It still leaves me with one question, though. If the kernel headers
> > that Debian is supplying for libc6 compilation are needed only for
> > libc6 compilation, why are they kept in /usr/src with a symlink
> > rather than putting them directly in /usr/include/linux?
> Because these are separate pieces with a well defined interface.

I'm not questioning the package separation at all.  Manoj gave a
great explanation of the reason for having separate libc6-dev and
kernel-headers packages.  That makes eminent sense.

What I'm wondering is why kernel-headers puts the headers into /usr/src,
when they are used as include files for libc6 compilation rather than as
part of actual kernel source.  Since they are now divorced from whatever
kernel source you may happen to have installed, and are intended for
libc6 compilation, it doesn't seem like they have much to do with kernel
sources or kernel compilation.  I would think that having kernel-headers
put them directly into /usr/include/linux would make more sense.  That
probably means that I'm not understanding some of the issues...

Since kernel-headers puts the headers in /usr/src, I'm sure Manoj must
have had a good reason for putting them there.  That's all I'm asking:
what is the rationale for having the kernel-headers package put the
headers into /usr/src with a link from /usr/include/{linux,asm} rather
than putting them directly into /usr/include/{linux,asm}?

Everything else was nicely addressed in Manoj's FAQ on kernel headers
and the libc6-dev package.

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