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Re: Gzipped .dvi files?

On Thu, 29 Jan 1998, Remco Blaakmeer wrote:
> Hi,
> I found these gzipped .dvi files on my system:
> /usr/doc/chktex/ChkTeX.dvi.gz
> /usr/doc/debian-policy/fsstnd/fsstnd-1.2.dvi.gz
> /usr/doc/fdutils/Fdutils.dvi.gz
> /usr/doc/lde/ext2fs.dvi.gz
> /usr/doc/lde/minix.dvi.gz
> Now that the tetex packages don't gzip the .dvi docs, should all .dvi.gz
> files be gunzipped? .dvi.gz files are a real pain in the ass, because xdvi
> (and probably others) can't read .dvi files from stdin.

No. All documentation, that is not short, has to
be gzipped. This is requested by policy and was discussed often and
thoroughly (sp?). dvi files tend to be rather long, and not everyone needs
them. They are no pain in the ass, because you can quite easily do 

zcat <file>.dvi.gz /tmp/<file>.dvi

and then point your favourite dvi viewer to this location.

> If they should be gunzipped, I will file bug reports against the packages
> I can find that have .dvi.gz files.

PLease do not so, as the maintainer is obliged to close the bug report
with a reference to the apopropriate policy section.

If you have time to volunteer, try to fix the dvi viewer's to accept
gzipped files - start with dvisvga, it is my favourite one ;)

Thank you,

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