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dpkg-genchanges failing - why?

I'm trying to build a new release of smalleiffel.

At the end of the build I get: 
no utmp entry available, using value of LOGNAME ("olly") at 
/usr/lib/dpkg/controllib.pl line 16.
dpkg-genchanges: error: package smalleiffel in control file but not in files 

This also happens in the build of the previous version (which worked
correctly  at the time I built it), so I assume that dpkg-genchanges has
changed somehow.

I use dpkg-genchages in some other packages where it works correctly;
unfortunately I cannot see any significant difference between the packages.

Please tell me how to get round this problem.

debian/control contains:
  Source: smalleiffel
  Section: devel
  Priority: extra
  Maintainer: Oliver Elphick <Oliver.Elphick@lfix.co.uk>

  Package: smalleiffel
  Architecture: i386
  Depends: gcc, ${shlibs:Depends}
  Description: The GNU Eiffel Compiler
   SmallEiffel is a compiler for the Eiffel language [etc]

(I get the same problem with `Architecture: any', which is what it ought
to be.)

debian/files contains:
  smalleiffel_1.3_0.82-1_i386.deb devel extra

Here's the debugging output from a session with dpkg-genchanges
  DB<4> l 125-145
125:    close(FL);
127:    for $_ (keys %fi) {
128:        $v= $fi{$_};
129:        if (s/^C //) {
130     #print STDERR "G key >$_< value >$v<\n";
131:            if (m/^Source$/) { &setsourcepackage; }
132:            elsif (m/^Section$|^Priority$/) { $sourcedefault{$_}= $v; }
133:            elsif (s/^X[BS]*C[BS]*-//i) { $f{$_}= $v; }
134:            elsif (m/|^X[BS]+-|^Standards-Version$|^Maintainer$/i) { }
135:            else { &unknown('general section of control info file'); }
136:        } elsif (s/^C(\d+) //) {
137     #print STDERR "P key >$_< value >$v<\n";
138:            $i=$1; $p=$fi{"C$i Package"}; $a=$fi{"C$i Architecture"};
139:            if (!defined($p2f{$p})) {
140:                if (!$archspecific || $a eq $substvar{'Arch'}) {
141==>b                 &error("package $p in control file but not in files 
142                 }
143             } else {
144:                $p2arch{$p}=$a;
145:                $f=$p2f{$p};
  DB<6> p keys %fi
C1 PackageL VersionC SourceL MaintainerC PriorityL ChangesC1 DependsC1 
ArchitectureC1 DescriptionC SectionL UrgencyC Standards-VersionL DateC 
MaintainerL DistributionL Source
  DB<7> p $_
  DB<9> p $i
  DB<10> p $p
  DB<11> p $a
  DB<12> p @p2f

  DB<13> p $p2f{$p}

  DB<14> p @p2arch

  DB<15> p $substvar{'Arch'}
  DB<16> p $archspecific

  DB<17> p $v

Oliver Elphick                                Oliver.Elphick@lfix.co.uk
Isle of Wight                              http://www.lfix.co.uk/oliver

PGP key from public servers; key ID 32B8FAA1

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