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Re: lintian -- detecting hundrets of bugs within seconds...

On 27-Jan-1998, David Welton <davidw@gate.cks.com> wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 27, 1998 at 02:36:19PM +1100, Tyson Dowd wrote:
> >> [ using only perl for lintian ]
> > Although I can see where you're coming from, I don't think it's a good
> > idea to arbitrarily convert programs from one language to another simply
> > because of language popularity.
> Actually, it was because perl is included in our base disks, and
> everyone has it.  Python is not.  My thought was that it might be nice
> to not make all the developers install a language that they may only
> use for one program.

Ah, you didn't mention that in your mail (or I conveniently
ignored it ;-). This is a much more interesting point - but not
worth worrying about I think. We can afford to force developers
to install lots of packages, particularly if it improves the
installation quality (up to a point, of course!).

> > If maintainability is becoming an issue, or portability, then conversion
> > may be worthwhile, but it's not really worth the effort until these
> > problems arise. Converting all programs to the "lowest common
> > denominator" erodes any chance for better languages to be adopted.
> OOOhhhhh.. "lowest common denominator", "better languages".. them's
> fightin words where I come from;-))

That's polite lunchtime conversation over here!

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