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Re: Package unions

On Tue, 27 Jan 1998, Eduardo Marcel Macan wrote:

> > entitled "simple-debian" that would have no actual binaries,  just
> > with a simple preconfigured debian linux system,  because "simple-debian"
> > would depend on smail,  on base,  etc...

> 	And What if I prefer sendmail instead of qmail (for example)?  You
Then you wouldn't install "simple-debian",  you'd install "base" and then
select sendmail.  The point wasn't to require anyone to do anything,  it
was just to allow new users who are overwhelmed with the package selection
mechanism to say "Yeah,  I just want a working linux machine that can do
mail and telnet and stuff",  select a single package,  and get it
installed ok.
	As those users move themselves up the learning curve later there'd
be nothing to prevent them from removing smail and installing sendmail,
provided that "simple-debian" didn't end up in the status file,  which it
wouldn't need to,  because it doesn't have any files in it anyway.

> people I advised to try Debian went to install RedHat, because they
> couldn't get through dselect... It's kind of boring having to browse


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