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Re: Package unions

On Tue, 27 Jan 1998, Will Lowe wrote:

> On Tue, 27 Jan 1998, Eduardo Marcel Macan wrote:
> > > entitled "simple-debian" that would have no actual binaries,  just
> [..]
> > > with a simple preconfigured debian linux system,  because "simple-debian"
> > > would depend on smail,  on base,  etc...
> > 	And What if I prefer sendmail instead of qmail (for example)?  You
> Then you wouldn't install "simple-debian",  you'd install "base" and then
> select sendmail.  The point wasn't to require anyone to do anything,  it
> was just to allow new users who are overwhelmed with the package selection
> mechanism to say "Yeah,  I just want a working linux machine that can do
> mail and telnet and stuff",  select a single package,  and get it
> installed ok.

	Oh, sorry, I think I have misunderstood your Idea, yeah this would
be nice, I think it would be better If this could be choosen _before_
running dselect, during installation time, if the user does not want one
of the "standard" setups he/she then goes to dselect, and even better if
dselect could browse one section at a time IMHO.

> 	As those users move themselves up the learning curve later there'd
> be nothing to prevent them from removing smail and installing sendmail,
> provided that "simple-debian" didn't end up in the status file,  which it
> wouldn't need to,  because it doesn't have any files in it anyway.


> > people I advised to try Debian went to install RedHat, because they
> > couldn't get through dselect... It's kind of boring having to browse
> 'zactly.

	Turbo stated that this is  "educating" I do think so, but not at
install time, the user wnats to have a running system, then , after that
he says "whoa, Debian is wonderful, what more can I do with it?" And then,
with a running system and happy, he goes out to discover Debian"
>                      					Will

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