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Re: intent to package mupad

On Tue, Jan 20, 1998 at 04:09:49PM -0700, G John Lapeyre wrote:
> 	I have packaged mupad.  There was someone else who was interested.
> If anyone wants to take it, I will give it up, but since no one has done
> it....


I'm the guy who is mentioned in the Workneeding ... docs as working on
mupad. I didn't do it (yet) because I think the license forbids us to
even distribute it in binary form. If you don't have special
permission from the Mupad group I doubt it's ok to package it.

>From the copyright:


Subject to the conditions herein   and upon initial use of MuPAD   (MuPAD, 
Copyright (c) B. Fuchssteiner, Automath, University of Paderborn, Germany) 
the MathPAD Group  grants to  the licensee a perpetual,  non-transferable, 
use of the MuPAD system.   No licence, right or interest in any trademark,
trade name or service mark is granted under this licence.

This licence,  the licenced software and any other information provided to 
the licensee,  may not be sold, leased, assigned, sublicenced or otherwise 
transferred, in whole or in part, by the licensee.

The licensee shall reproduce  and apply any copyright notices  included on 
or in MuPAD to any copies thereof,  in whole or in part,  in any form. The 
licensee shall be solely responsible for installation of MuPAD.

The licensee shall not use,  disclose,  or make any other copies of MuPAD, 
apart from those described below, without the authorization of the MathPAD 
Group. The licensee shall be able to maintain backup or archival copies of 
MuPAD. In case,the licensee wants to make copies for other machines in his 
institution  than those specified in this licence agreement, he may do so, 
provided he notifies the MathPAD Group  and submits information  about the 
number and the location of these machines.  The MathPAD Group can deny the 
right for further use of these copies,in this case the licensee is obliged
to remove these copies.  Furthermore the licensee has to ensure that users
of such copies are bound by this licence agreement.

>From the debian-policy:

     Packages whose copyright permission notices (or patent problems) do
     not allow redistribution even of only binaries, and where no special
     permission has been obtained, cannot be placed on the Debian FTP site
     and its mirrors at all.

Unless they clarify the distribution terms of their license, I guess
we are not allowed to distribute it.



Christian Meder, email: meder@isr.uni-stuttgart.de
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