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Re: Emacsen intermediate step proposal.

> I think 27 packages outweighs approx. 2 packages of emacs.

I think thousands of users outweighs 27 packages, especially when
those packages already get little enough work done on them that
tossing in the s/emacs/emacsen/  "in passing" isn't nearly free.
Certainly 27 packages, a number of which will be emacs19 only (since
they're bundled with xemacs) should be no problem for the three
current emacsen maintainers to split among ourselves for
non-maintainer updates.  And note, it's *4* packages of emacs --
emacs19, emacs20 (pending, but what inspired Rob :-), xemacs19,
xemacs20... and I would not be suprised to see at least one more in
the next year [some version of emacs with guile dropped in, at least
as a hack...].  Getting the coexistance to work *well* would be a
valuable thing.  Hopefully this would make it *easier* to add more
packages (like zenirc...)

> these are going to break unless you provide the virtual package of "emacs".

Yeah, well, if we thought dpkg could handle it (I haven't risked
trashing any of my systems, given that I'd been told long ago that it
wouldn't work, and dpkg hasn't actually progressed in a long time...)
we'd consider it; it was brought up earlier...

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